Best Countries to Live for British Expats

Making the move overseas permanently is a huge decision to take, and the exact choice of country will depend on many different factors. However, there are a few countries which consistently top the “best places to live” lists, and it’s no surprise that these countries are also the most popular places for expat Brits.


A recent survey found that Australia was the second best country to be born in and it is an eternally popular destination for British expats. Salaries are high, the climate is favourable, and the Australian economy has been weathering the storm more easily than European nations. The appeal of Australia is enormous, and although there are some hoops to jump through in terms of applying for a visa, over a million Brits have decided to make the move down under.


Switzerland has it all; it’s one of the world’s richest nations, standards of living and salaries are high, and the scenery is the most spectacular in Europe. Job opportunities in Switzerland are what attracts many Brits there, but becoming a permanent resident in Switzerland is not an easy process, unless you have a spare million or two in the bank.


The vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Singapore has been attracting expat Brits for decades. Many multinational companies have offices in Singapore and salaries offered are high for the region. English is widely spoken and Singapore is known for being clean, safe and very family friendly. The weather is warm and tropical, and transport links makes it easy to get back to the UK.

New Zealand

The wide open spaces of New Zealand are what attracts most expats, and the fact that there are so many expat Brits and that English is the country’s language makes settling in easy. The standard of living in New Zealand are good, and the low crime levels and good healthcare and education system means that it is a very popular destination for families trying to escape the rat race in the UK and make a better future for their children.