Where Can I Get British Food and Sweets in the USA?

Apart from family and friends, the thing that Brits living overseas miss the most are the peculiarly British food, drink and sweets which are just not available abroad. If you simply can’t live without your favourite brand of teabags or breakfast cereal, there are several options in the USA for getting your Brit food fix.


There are several websites offering the chance to buy all of the products you are familiar with from home. Shopping online is very easy and most companies will deliver anywhere in the United States or Canada. Shipping charges are quite steep though, and you will also pay far more for the products than you would in a UK supermarket. The convenience and ease of purchase though makes it the ideal solution for anyone living miles from a UK food shop.


If you live in areas where there are a lot of British and Irish tourists, you will probably be able to pick up your British favourites such as cans of beans, bottles of diluting orange squash or jars of pickle in the supermarkets along with the rest of your groceries. This is especially the case in the Orlando area, which is popular with both expats and visitors to the theme parks. The selection isn’t enormous though, and for specialist products you will have to look elsewhere.

Small Outlets and Delis

The greatest concentration of specialist shops selling British products is again in Florida. Some sell the tins and packets which you can find online, whereas others specialise in a niche of the market, such as Scottish products or confectionery only. There are also a number of British restaurants or cafés where you can indulge in fish and chips or a cream tea. If you are struggling to find the product you are looking for in stores closer to home or online, and you have no visitors coming over the pond to bring you what you need, many of the smaller independent stores will be happy to take an order over the phone and then send it out to you.