How Can Expat Insurance Help British People Living in Spain?

Living abroad isn’t all endless parties and lying on the beach. Although most people who move abroad do so for a better lifestyle that they can get in the UK, that doesn’t mean that all the day to day boring things like managing your finances can simply be forgotten. In order to make things a little easier, specialist firms offering expat insurance have sprung up in any place where there is a high concentration of foreign residents, such as the south of Spain.

Language Skills

Dealing with insurance can be complex and confusing enough in English, but when you are trying to compare policies in a foreign language it can be totally baffling. A specific expat insurance product or company can either offer policies written in English, or can explain and translate policies written in Spanish. If you ever need to claim on your policy, you will be able to deal with English speaking staff throughout the process.


An expat insurance company or underwriter will be staffed by people in exactly the same position as you. They will know the ins and outs of the Spanish legal system, and how it compares to that of the UK. They will be able to advise on what level of cover to purchase, and how best to protect yourself and your assets against things like fire, theft or even ill health.

Home Insurance

Many expats own a home in Spain and also have other properties which they rent out, or manage on behalf of others. There is special holiday rental insurance available through the expat insurance market which is specifically designed to cover houses which are let over the holiday period and this cover is essential for anyone involved in this market.

Car Insurance

Most expats living in Spain will take their UK registered car with them when they move, and only buy a Spanish vehicle later. Getting insurance on a UK registered vehicle can be very difficult unless you go to a broker working in the expat community, and they can also help get competitive insurance quotes when the time comes to buy the first Spanish vehicle.