Richest British expats and their contribution to the host country.

Canada’s not the first country which many of us would think about when building a new life overseas as an expat, but a recent survey showed that the very richest, top earning British expats are more likely to choose Canada than anywhere else. Many are attracted by the fact that the UK and Canada has long historic links, the culture is not too different from home and we share a common language. In addition, Canada offers wild open spaces and spectacular scenery and a very good education system for expats with children. High earning British expats in Canada are making a huge contribution to the company’s economy, both in terms of the tax which they pay into the system and the expertise they bring to their employers.

Middle East

If you are looking for truly rich expat Brits, then the best place to start the search is in the Gulf States. Most expat Brits have been sent to places like Dubai or Kuwait for work, and the tax-free salaries and benefits packages on offer mean that although only 10% of British expats live in the Gulf States, the expats living there account for 25% of total savings held by Brits overseas. Salaries are high in the Gulf States, but sometimes the culture and heat makes this destination less attractive than other places for families, especially those with young children.

Hong Kong

47% of expat Brits living in Hong Kong are on salaries of over £100k, mainly due to Hong Kong’s position as the Asian centre of the banking and finance industry. The number of expats in Hong Kong has declined since the colony reverted to Chinese control, but Hong Kong remains a cultural melting pot and a great place to raise children, experience a different way of life and have fun too. Singapore is a similar destination, and attracts high earning professionals too.


High earning expats are in huge demand in Australia at present as the country struggles to fill high level positions in the medical professions and finance. This brain drain offers great opportunities for professionals from the UK to move overseas, earn more money and enjoy the Aussie lifestyle, and Australia benefits by being able to attract the best quality people from all over the world. As well as attractive working conditions and good salaries, expats in Australia find that they have a better work and life balance, and a generally more relaxed way of life than here in the UK.





Best Countries to Live for British Expats

Making the move overseas permanently is a huge decision to take, and the exact choice of country will depend on many different factors. However, there are a few countries which consistently top the “best places to live” lists, and it’s no surprise that these countries are also the most popular places for expat Brits.


A recent survey found that Australia was the second best country to be born in and it is an eternally popular destination for British expats. Salaries are high, the climate is favourable, and the Australian economy has been weathering the storm more easily than European nations. The appeal of Australia is enormous, and although there are some hoops to jump through in terms of applying for a visa, over a million Brits have decided to make the move down under.


Switzerland has it all; it’s one of the world’s richest nations, standards of living and salaries are high, and the scenery is the most spectacular in Europe. Job opportunities in Switzerland are what attracts many Brits there, but becoming a permanent resident in Switzerland is not an easy process, unless you have a spare million or two in the bank.


The vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Singapore has been attracting expat Brits for decades. Many multinational companies have offices in Singapore and salaries offered are high for the region. English is widely spoken and Singapore is known for being clean, safe and very family friendly. The weather is warm and tropical, and transport links makes it easy to get back to the UK.

New Zealand

The wide open spaces of New Zealand are what attracts most expats, and the fact that there are so many expat Brits and that English is the country’s language makes settling in easy. The standard of living in New Zealand are good, and the low crime levels and good healthcare and education system means that it is a very popular destination for families trying to escape the rat race in the UK and make a better future for their children.

Why Do Expat Brits Not Want to Return from Australia or France?

Two of the most popular overseas destinations for UK nationals heading abroad are Australia and France. It is estimated that there are over a million British-born people living in Australia, and over a quarter of a million in France. But what are the factors which keep them from coming home?


Many people who move overseas permanently do so to escape the cold and wet of a British summer, and the fact that we have just had one of the wettest years on record does nothing to encourage them to return home. The outdoor lifestyle is something which most emigrants to warmer climes wish to experience, and once you have had a taste of being able to eat outdoors most of the year it’s hard to imagine returning home.


The world economy has gone through turbulent times in recent years, and the value of properties, salaries and other assets have fallen or risen in value. Many expats take the view of “better the devil you know” and don’t want to risk losing out by moving back home and then being unable to find a job or afford a property in their preferred location. Australia in particular has weathered the economic storm far better than other parts of the world, and staying put may well be the sensible option.

Improved Transport

Gone are the days when getting to Australia meant 6 weeks on a boat. Now we think nothing of hopping on a plane, and the simplicity of travel means that moving abroad is no longer the wrench it used to be. Flights are competitively priced, and as more of us start to travel by air, increased competition means the service is getting better too.

Internet Communications

Inventions such as Skype and internet mean that keeping in touch with loved ones in the UK is far easier, wherever you are in the world. Homesickness is far less of a factor when you can email pictures every day, or have a Skype call whenever you feel a bit lonely. The cost of this technology is coming down all of the time, and makes being overseas far more affordable.