How Expatriate Insurance Services can help expats living abroad

Anyone who has spent time living or working overseas is well aware of the need for health insurance to cover all those unexpected eventualities which can occur at any time. Most large insurance companies provide all manner of insurance policies which will cover expats, but it is better to go via a specialist insurance broker whose core business is in expatriate health insurance rather than in home, business or motor cover. Of course you may never have to claim on your policies, but if you do, Expatriate Insurance Services have a wide range of services and products to help.


The benefits of dealing with a specialist company like Expatriate Insurance Services are many, but one of the main benefits is that the company really knows what it is talking to when it comes to expat health insurance. The company directors have  been expats themselves and they work with a wide range of different insurers to make the very best policies available, whatever the situation and the country. When phoning a large general insurer to discuss the detail of a policy or to make a claim, it can be difficult to get through to the experts in that field. However, at Expatriate Insurance Services the nature of the business means that all staff are experts in the field and the knowledge is there at the end of the phone. The team are also aware of the different sorts of policies which may be appropriate at various ages, and can always find the very best cover.

Range of Cover

There are many different policies which expats require, from standard health and medical cover to more unusual policies such as kidnap and ransom insurance. Expatriate Insurance Services offer all sorts of policies for both individuals and corporations, so the company is a one stop shop for all insurance needs. Being able to have a dedicated team looking after your insurance requirements is far more efficient and less time-consuming than working with several companies at the same time.

Global Reach

Unlike many other insurance companies who cover certain geographical or market sectors only, Expatriate Insurance Services offers truly global perspective from a wide range of health insurers. Cover can be provided to expats wherever they live in the world, and however long they plan to be overseas. Obviously risk varies hugely depending on where expats are planning to live, but there are no regions of the world which Expatriate Insurance Services products cannot cover.