Places Offering the Best Salaries Around the World

With the UK economy struggling to recover from one of the worst recessions for decades, and at a time when most of us have not had a pay rise for years, it’s hardly surprising that more of us are thinking about going overseas to work. Salaries and benefits packages can vary dramatically from one country to the next, and depending on your profession you could double or even triple your income by heading overseas.


The average salary here in the UK is just over £27k, which is far less than the average American’s wage of almost £34k. Working in America is an attractive proposition for many, but the red tape associated with getting a work visa makes it impossible just to pitch up and start working. If you are attracted to the USA with the promise of high salaries, the easiest way in is to start off by working for a American company here in the UK, and take every opportunity for a transfer to the other side of the Atlantic.


It’s one of the smallest countries in Europe, but people who work in Luxembourg earn more per capital than any other Europeans. The average wage is £33k, and wages in Luxembourg are higher because the economy is focused on the high-tech industries, banking and finance. The good news is that as Luxembourg is part of the European Union, there is nothing stopping you heading over the English Channel and seeking work there, although speaking French would definitely help.


The Swiss economy is another one which is based around technology and financial services, and the standards of living in Switzerland are among the highest in the world. The average wage is just over £31k, and besides the salary benefits, working in Switzerland will give you the opportunity to experience some of the best scenery in the world. Switzerland is not part of the EU, so working there is not quite as straightforward as in other parts of Europe.


If you’re looking for the sunshine, Australia is an eternally attractive option. The average salary is only slightly more than in the UK, but the climate more than compensates. Criteria for emigrating to Australia are strict, but if you have experience in one of the approved occupations you could be starting a new career down under within months.