Why Emigrate? – The Three Big Reasons

Nearly all of us at one time or the other have grumbled about the British weather, our boss or the state of the economy and thought about packing it all in and moving somewhere warmer, and with a slower pace of life. Very few of us actually take the plunge and move abroad, but those who do often find it is the best thing they have ever done.


Although it seems trivial, the UK weather can have a severe effect on our general health and wellbeing. Just think about how good you feel on a warm June day when the sun is shining and everyone is happy, and imagine feeling that way on a permanent basis. Most people leaving the UK do so to go to warmer destinations in the south of Europe, or to places like Australia or Florida which have temperate climates all year round.


When you look at the global salary market overall, the UK doesn’t perform badly. But salaries in the UK have been static for several years as we struggle our way out of the recession, and there are better salaries on offer in countries such as Australia, the United States or Switzerland. Certain professions are in extremely high demand, and an increasing number of pilots, air traffic controllers or medical professionals are heading out to the Gulf States, where salaries are considerably higher than in the UK, and taxation is much lower too.


Many people with young families make the move because they feel the UK is no longer somewhere that they want to raise their children. The outdoor lifestyle offered by countries like New Zealand or Australia is hugely attractive, and many parents want their children to have opportunities which they never had growing up. Moving overseas gives children and parents alike the chance to experience a whole new way of living, and to perhaps learn a new language also.